When & How to Preparation for the COMPLETELY NEW SAT: Article 7

When & How to Preparation for the COMPLETELY NEW SAT: Article 7

Testive’s College Success Specialist, Andrea Schlageter, explains best practices for getting yourself ready for the NEW HID and how Testive can help students achieve their valuable goals .

When should a student start making up for the INNOVATIVE SAT?

Students must figure out right after they think they get 100 several hours of hid prep moment before the analyze. For most college students, they can suit this throughout over the course of 3 to 4 months; nonetheless those with actually busy lifestyles may need a lot more time. Because the NEW KOMMET is signed to come out for March 2016, we endorse starting to preparation in November or November 2015.

What if learners decide to do the ACT? Certainly is the prep period the same?

If students choose the FUNCTION over the BRAND-NEW SAT, these need the amount of time so that you can prep. A common difference around preparing for the ACT as well as the NEW SEATED is the content to study.

Do you advise taking both tests simply see what happens?

I suggest using at least one perform ACT then one practice LAY. It’s best if perhaps students contain a teacher or simply parent proctoring and timing the audit just to enable it to be is a considerably more realistic encounter. By doing this, any time a student does not finish sure sections as a result of time demands, they can focus on them within their prep.

Recall, students use a limited windows of time to arrange for the POSED. […]

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