Made in Metis: Geo-Tagged Places of Interest & Musician Contacts on Craigslist for your region

Made in Metis: Geo-Tagged Places of Interest & Musician Contacts on Craigslist for your region

In this month’s edition on the Made for Metis site series, we are going to highlighting couple of recent university student projects which have to do with traveling to new towns. In the earliest example, trainees explored different and increased ways to look for places of interest whilst planning tours. In the subsequently, a student got down to understand how and also why music artists and bands sought and found connections in a variety of cities via Craigslist. Know much more pertaining to both fascinating projects following:

When determining what to find out, explore, take, and more in a very new area, many people consider online research with regard to reviews and even write-ups. And here is one example:

‘Hawk Hill can be a 923-foot maximum in the Marin Headlands, simply north of the Golden Gate Fill and through the Golden Door strait via San Francisco, Florida. The hl is within the actual Golden Gateway National Playground.  »

Or possibly, if you’re Metis graduate Kalgi Shah, you’ll prefer to look into an image like the one below to getting a visual feel of put rather than just looking through about it.


Shah is known as a travel lover and a friend or relative who’d wish to plan your girlfriend adventures making use of photos to be a guide. Although she confirms many place-of-interest recommendation providers to be « painful to use. very well So the lady got to work on creating her very own product, named SNAPLOC, which inturn « does automatic image distinction and spatiotemporal analysis to be able to recommend the actual places of interest to get traveling from a new city,  » your lover explained in a blog post about the project, which will she finalized as her final task while a student at Metis. […]

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